x Contemporary Pirate

starts with PIMU the (Tiny) PIraat MUseum, a concrete moving-structure to empower activism,

to share pro-positive purposes still in the state of ideas, and stimulate them into action.

x It is a project to give voice to many

funded once by the EU in order to convoy dreamers into the shape of a collective, experimenting  together-effort and work, despite differences, low-budget, organic-slow-design and development, with independency in our hand and feeling of “being our own alternative”

x As its base the Piraat Museum Has as first point a sailboat with wheels

the inspiring materials in its space, like the “voices database” and collection of insights is waiting to cruise and cross-over the perspectives of a uncommon way of seeing and dealing with realities and daily life choices

x The Piraat Museum is a framework

that wants to represent, with documentations, stories, and social\political\artistic\pirate actions its concept that could develop into/for a different approach to life

x Piracy is a state of mind

are you making your mind? do you have a say?

be welcome to explore our boat and leave your voice in our database.




EU  2016